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Population Countdown: Fight for Mankind


Population Countdown is a work of fiction in its entirety. The characters, names, places,

descriptions, and incidents in this book are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual events

or persons are entirely coincidental.


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in

any way by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise without

the prior permission of the author, except as indicated by USA copyright law.


First edition originally published in paperback format in the United States by Tate Publishing

& Enterprises, LLC in 2013.


1. Science Fiction / Fiction

2. Action & Adventure / New Adult / Romance


Printed in the United States of America


Copyright © 2014 Nicolle Barbee

All rights reserved.


New Extended Edition Releases August 2014!

July 7, 2014

Get ready for the new extended edition of Population Countdown: Fight for Mankind. Filled with extended chapters, new insight into "the mountain" itself, and even a tease for book two in the Population Countdown series, new adult readers are in for some big surprises. The new edition is first available on Amazon in paperback format Aug. 5th, 2014, while the Kindle edition releases Aug. 12th, 2014.



                        IN THE YEAR 2041, EARTH IS A BETTER WORLD TO

                             LIVE IN…AS LONG AS YOU’RE NOT HUMAN.


Welcome to a changed planet Earth, where a once-dominating species is defeated and

outnumbered. Humans no longer rule the world. In fact, by the year 2041, they’re all headed

for certain extinction. After giving birth to a new superhuman race, known as Suprans, humans

lost the war, and now these advanced beings have taken over. It’s been eighteen years

since the last human birth—children only live in the memory of survivors, and every

remaining human is enslaved or in hiding.


Twenty-one-year-old Deandria Hannah lives in a hidden mountain facility, along with

hundreds of other human rebels. Together, they work to survive, fight back, and save

their own kind—but a chain of events will lead Deandria to question all she believes

in—including her feelings for Clinton, the only good Supran she has ever known. Deandria’s

enemies have killed nearly everyone she loves, but holding on to the past could

be her biggest downfall.



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