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Population Countdown: Fight for Mankind


Population Countdown is a work of fiction in its entirety. The characters, names, places,

descriptions, and incidents in this book are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual events

or persons are entirely coincidental.


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in

any way by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise without

the prior permission of the author, except as indicated by USA copyright law.


First edition originally published in paperback format in the United States by Tate Publishing

& Enterprises, LLC in 2013.


1. Science Fiction / Fiction

2. Action & Adventure / New Adult / Romance


Printed in the United States of America


Copyright © 2014 Nicolle Barbee

All rights reserved.


        Meet Nicolle Barbee: The Author Behind                         "Population Countdown"

As a former reporter, anchor, and producer in the fast-paced world of

TV news broadcasting, Nicolle Barbee has had a lot of experience in

writing (under her maiden name) about the real world, but she has long

dreamed of creating a science-fiction novel. Growing up in the beautiful

mountain landscape of Colorado, she already had the perfect setting in

mind for her adventure. It all began as a short story many years ago, but

after encouragement from family and friends, she finally mustered the

courage to bring this story to life.


Although Nicolle is a Colorado girl at heart, she now lives with her husband and daughter in North Dakota.



          What do you want to happen in the Population Countdown series?

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